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Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce

Fiji Bongo is a special chilli sauce from deep with in the South Pacific. Its main ingredient is a chilli pepper that only grows on the islands of Fiji. Once you try it, you'll want to make sure you always have a bottle close by!

Making Fiji Bongo Chili Sauce

Fijian Weather

The warm, beautiful climate of Fiji, with the fertile volcanic soil is perfect for growing succulent, fiery bongo chillies!

Careful Selection

We select only the best, ripest bongo chillies for our sauce.

A Simple Family Recipe

Our simple family reciepe of Fiji Bongo Chillies, vinegar and salt, enhances everything you add it too

So, what’s inside our product?

Family Recipe

Mai, (come) join us at our table. Food is what connects us all. 

Quality ingredients

We make sure that all our ingredients are ethically sourced and fresh.

No artifical colors
No artifical flavors
No artifical preservatives
No added sugar


Protect the Enviroment

As an island nation, Fiji knows a thing or two about protecting the environment.  We contribute 1% of our revenue towards Carbon emmissions removal. This goes a long way in protecting our Islands

Recyclable packaging

 All of our packaging is100% recycable material.

Why choose Fiji Bongo?

More Delicious

Make Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce your new favorite chili sauce!

New & Unique

Traditional chili sauces have grown boring and commercial.  Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce is different than the rest!

Great Value

We go out of our way to make our chili sauce affordable so that you never think twice about using it.


 1 -180 ML Bottle

1 bottle for $10.00


 regular shipping included

delivery time 1- 5 days

3-Pack of 180 ML Bottles

3 Bottles for $27.00


 regular shipping included

delivery time 1- 5 days

Check Out Some of our Suggested Uses for 

Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce

Great on soup & with seafood
Spice up that traditional family meal
Delicious on fresh vegetables 

& salads

Enhance the flavor of every meal
 Try Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce on Spaghetti
Give that Margherita pizza a kick with Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce!

Fiji Bongo Reviews

!!!! THIS BONGO CHILI SAUCE IS AMAZING!!! You are right about the spice though - I just got some drops and it brought the heat!!! 


"Truly the most delicious chili sauce I've ever had, and I'm from Louisiana!"


Cajun Foodie

Fiji Bongo Chili Sauce.

You can purchase locally at:

S & S Produce
1924 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926 


 Wagon Wheel
 4607 Olive Hwy
Oroville, CA 95966




If you have inquiries, feel free to contact us 530-353-9849

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